More than 2,000 athletes have competed in the Winter Olympics, with the United States having won the most gold medals.

    The Games have been held annually since 1896, with all the best sports teams competing for the most medals.

    Some countries have had a harder time attracting athletes than others, and the number of international athletes has grown substantially over the years.

    The number of athletes participating in the Games has doubled in the past decade, with a total of 3,600 athletes competing in the 2014 games.

    As a result, some people don’t want to go to the Games, even though the chances of them winning medals have been increasing.

    For example, the number who don’t wish to attend the 2014 Games is expected to increase by nearly 30% by 2020, according to the United Nations.

    There is also a stigma associated with being an Olympic athlete, and athletes have been known to be “scared to death” and “disgusted” by some Olympic athletes who they have met.

    Even though athletes are often referred to as the “dream team,” that may not always be the case.

    “There is an entire industry that is dedicated to selling athletes to athletes,” said Lisa Pfeffer, a sports psychologist and author of The Paralympics: The Psychology of Team Sport.

    She said athletes have the ability to “suffer” as a result of not getting the chance to compete, and many are reluctant to share their experiences in hopes of helping other athletes.

    “[There’s] this sense of entitlement and the idea that you’re a star athlete and you should be able to do everything you want,” Pfeffer said.

    Despite this, many athletes are trying to share what it’s like to compete.

    In February, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) released its first ever guidelines for medalists, which specifically prohibited the “scare tactics” that some athletes have described as the reason for their exclusion.

    It is important to note that this is not the only time an athlete has experienced this.

    Pfeffer said that the IOC guidelines do not ban physical violence.

    According to the IOC, physical violence is defined as:”Any action that is directed at an individual or a group of individuals, regardless of the motivation behind the action, which may include, but is not limited to, threats of violence or physical harm to a person, animal, or place.”

    Some athletes are particularly worried about being labeled as “victims,” and they’ve expressed fears that their sport could be negatively impacted by being seen as the victim.

    “When people look at us as the victims, we’re going to feel really isolated, we don’t have a lot of friends and we’re not going to be able get in the same place as other athletes,” Michael Crespo, a Canadian track and field athlete who has been competing in London since 2009, told CNN.

    Alicia Menotti, a U.S. Olympian who is also an author and professor of sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles, said that some Olympic sportspeople feel “like they’re on a mission to help others.”

    “They want to make sure that people feel comfortable, that everyone knows about the sport, and that everyone can benefit from it,” she said.

    “I think there’s this expectation that athletes are going to make a difference in people’s lives.

    And it doesn’t always happen that way.”

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