The Avandaros are the most famous and respected beauty salon in New Orleans, a city that was founded in 1751 and is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the US.

    And they’ve also been known to do the weirdest, most bizarre, and most eye-catching things ever. 

    The Avandars, also known as The Beauty Sisters, have always been popular with the New Orleanians, who are fond of the idea of having their own stylist. 

    They opened their own salon in 1972, and today they employ about a hundred people. 

    But that’s not the only thing they do. 

    In 2007, Le’s Salon in Avandara Park, New Orleans opened up a second location on the famous riverfront, called Le’s Paradise.

    The new salon, with its full-length windows, boasts a massive pool, a giant video screen, a large marble fountain, a gigantic mirror, a full-size bar and a full bar, plus a restaurant.

    Le’s also owns an extensive collection of artworks and other memorabilia.

    So what’s this all about?

    It’s all about the money. 

    According to a profile in The New York Times, the Avandaris made more than $1 million last year, making them the highest-earning salon in US history.

    The Times added that Le’s has an annual turnover of $150 million, and the salon’s total revenue is estimated to be around $2 million. 

    Now Le’s may not have any money left over after this year, but the new salon is expected to make more money than ever before.

    You’ll notice the word “beauty” right above the Avanderes name on the main entrance.

    That’s because they make their money selling cosmetics.

    The beauty brand is owned by Avandario Group, which is owned, of course, by the Avando family.

    “There are hundreds of thousands of women in New Orlesians that we do not know,” Avandaria CEO, Michael Stoltz, told the Times. 

    “We’re just doing what we do because it’s what we believe in.” 

    And so, you see, the salon is named after the salon in which they were born.

    And that’s a cool thing.


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