lulu cosmetics is launching a new line that promises to be “more luxurious and less expensive than the competition.”

    The product, titled the “Lulu Beauty Line,” includes five lip products, one foundation, and two concealers.

    But what about the product itself?

    Lulu Beauty has been using a new product-testing process that is supposed to provide a deeper understanding of how the new lip products work than previously available to consumers.

    The new testing is a step in the right direction, Lulu CEO James Smith said in a statement.

    Lulu says the new products will be sold exclusively through and will be available through the end of June.

    Lululemon, the world’s largest women’s brand, has been making headlines recently for its decision to go all-in on its new beauty line.

    Luli, which is owned by Lulu, is also expected to launch a new beauty-related line that will be launched in September.


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